Awesome Retrospectives part II by Rich


Previously I talked about my enthusiasm for retrospectives and how it’s a self reflection process that, done correctly, ensues and enables the team and individuals to grow. Moving on from this I wanted to share my thoughts on running these sessions.

It’s important to plan what you, as a Scrum Master, want to achieve during the retro session and what is needed by the team at that particular time. So, ask yourself:

  • Are the team a bit flat or is an energiser needed?
  • Is there an undercurrent, so a feedback discussion (possibly through anonymous feedback) is required?
  • Is the team new, so getting to know each other is important?

It’s vital to identify what is right for the team at that particular time to maximise the value of the retro.

Now, you have decided the type of retro you want to do, think of where you are going to have the session. Please don’t have it in the same place everytime! Is it the Summer to have outside? Mix up the rooms, buy some treats and make sure everyone attends. Why wouldn’t the team want to attend if it was different, fun and awesome each and everytime?

Now, I’m not going to go into what retro activity you actually do, as you can Google these or be innovative and create your own – it’s endless. I will probably share my favourites in another blog, but once you have had decided the aim, the activity and the location, there are a few other basic rules for the Scrum Master:

  • Always encourage participation
  • Always encourage collaboration
  • Everyone should have a voice
  • Encourage sharing
  • Encourage caring
  • Encourage honesty
  • Encourage creative thinking

And always have actions (for any of the team to pick up -but get an owner in the session!). Make sure things change – we want to continuously improve and adapt – we’re agile right!

Now, to close the retro, I would always summarise the session, covering off the actions and owners. You could always end it with a one word on exit scribbled on the white board or on a Post-it note to get everyone’s feelings as we head into the next sprint. Remember, we want everyone to be enthused, engaged and excited for the next sprint don’t we?

Now, throw everything away from the retro – except the actions of course (you’re gonna write these up so you can track these), and that way you can focus on the outcomes and not problems. That’s it! Simple, right?

Before I end, just to put in a nutshell for your awesome retro:

  • Prepare well
  • Deliberately facilitate
  • Vary activities and methods – every time
  • Track actions
  • Make it fun and different
  • Listen to everyone
  • End it with positivity

Remember – this is to add value and not just to go through the motions as a Scrum Event – so don’t let it turn into that.

Don’t waste this valuable opportunity to grow as a team. Let your retro be awesome.


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