Awesome Retrospectives part I by Rich


Richard Haydon is one of our senior scrum masters, helping our clients deliver great digital services to their customers. We asked him for some thoughts on retrospectives and he started with a quote:

“We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience” John Dewey

As a Scrum Master, my favourite event has got to be the Retrospective! I just love it! And it’s not just because I always make them fun through learning, it’s because I know the team will grow every time as we open up, be honest and therefore develop and flourish together as a team. That’s what’s it all about isn’t it? Working hard, but learning and having fun along the way with great colleagues who you trust.

As a team, it’s a great indication of success, and the retrospective is a great way to achieve this. So why not make it awesome – every single time?

I’ve heard from teams about previous Scrum Masters where retros have been the same every week (mad, sad, glad) 😦 and that brings tears to my eyes. In my experience this will only lead to unhappiness, boredom, habitual thinking, lack of focus and participation and – guess what – no actions.

It makes me so sad that these events could be wasted when they should be so valuable to the team – and therefore the Scrum Master.

So… why wouldn’t you want to maximise this session and make them all awesome?!

I’ll chat next time about prepping, but, before that, we go back to basics. The retro is about how we work together, not the what – it’s a reflection.

“…reflection is a self-involvement process… personal experience, feelings and cognition are intermingled in recalling past experience, resolving current difficulties, easing out uncomfortable feelings, evaluation one’s present and past performance and searching for new perspectives and new solutions.” (Yip 2006)

Till next time.

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