Why Companies Can Benefit From Using A Chatbot.

We now live in a world where we are constantly online, companies are able to consistently provide a rich experience for their customers through chatbots. These virtual assistants, which are currently an incredibly hot topic, are able to realistically simulate human conversation, providing quick, effective answers to any issues that someone may be having with their banking, taxes or any other similar money issues, saving time and building brand loyalty for their customers. This form of technology will affect the way that companies of all sizes work now and in the future.

Started by Facebook in 2016 for their online business and shops, people have been given the opportunity to interact with companies that use the AI interface such as NatWest who can answer your questions when staff aren’t able to. This benefits people, especially now that we live in a world where eight-hour working days are no longer the norm and people need answers on demand. Not only does this handy form of technology save time and money, but it can also provide quick answers and effective solutions to thousands of people all at the same time.


Why do chatbots work so well? According to LifeRay, we are seeing a shift in consumer attitudes, noticing that “chatting has become the preferred mode of communication for many people, it also suggests that consumers may just as happily chat with businesses and banks, as they do with their family and friends.” and so the need for chatbot technology is both beneficial and rewarding because not only does the interface give customers a better experience, but it gives people answers when they need them, cutting down company costs.

Let’s also point out the obvious that using this form of technology for business such as the HMRC can save people from having to go through a painfully arduous call system that takes time and costs their landline a fortune, leaving them feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. Something which we all want to avoid.

phone call

Since the beginning of 2017, the NHS have actually implemented chatbots into their systems. This has proved incredibly beneficial as these interfaces have been able to sift through data history and recognize the prescription that a patient needs, solving issues more quickly than a human would.

Since January 2017, certain parts of London including Camden, Haringey, and Islington were able to access 111 emergencies through an app powered by Babylon. Through data and information, these chatbots have been able to identify the seriousness of an illness and how immediate help would be needed. Providing fast, free, urgent health advice, this is increasingly beneficial as the NHS have recently faced criticism over advice given out by non-medical staff. Providing more successful and effective outcomes, we can expect to see these used throughout more of the UK in the near future.


It is absolutely clear then that the chatbot is revolutionizing the way we interact with our customers. Not only do they benefit companies, but they can provide people with quick answers and a dash of human conversation. Saving money and time, chatbots will become more and more intelligent over the next few years, ensuring customers a smoother transaction and a much better online customer experience.

What are your thoughts on chatbots, do you agree with us? Or do you think that they are a passing trend?




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